Autumn dry skin care special feature


The intense heat is finally gone, the air is clear, and we are starting to feel the signs of autumn.

Dry skin is a particular concern this season. A condition in which the moisture content of the stratum corneum decreases to less than 20% is called "dry skin." When the air is dry, many people's skin also becomes dry.

The stratum corneum of your skin in autumn is damaged by the many stimuli you receive in the summer. The main cause of "dry skin" is a decrease in ceramide, a moisturizing ingredient in the stratum corneum.

What happens to your skin when ceramide levels decrease?
dry skin

Ceramide acts like a glue that binds corneocytes together .

The stratum corneum, which is rich in ceramides, has a stable structure and has a high immune function that protects the skin from external stimuli, resulting in smooth and glossy skin. When ceramides decrease, the stratum corneum cells become unstable and susceptible to external stimuli, resulting in dryness and rough skin texture. Additionally, when it dries, it can sting, tingle, and turn red.

Factors that reduce ceramide
  • Irritation from UV rays and air conditioning
  • Excessive face washing
  • lack of skin care
  • Disturbed turnover due to irregular lifestyle, aging, etc.
How to protect your skin from dryness
How to protect your skin from dryness

If you are concerned about dry skin, please be careful of the following. It is important to take what you can and continue doing it.

  • When taking a bath or washing your face, be sure to keep the water at an appropriate temperature (around 38℃) so that it is not too hot. Also, be careful not to wash too much.
  • Choose cosmetics with the balance of moisture and oil in mind . If the dryness is progressing, add more moisture with a moisturizing serum or pack. However, if you notice redness or itching, refrain from excessive care such as massage or peeling packs.
  • Lack of sleep affects skin turnover, leading to dry skin. Relax and get some sleep.
  • Incorporate nutrients into your diet to prevent dry skin. (Protein that makes cells / Vitamin A that prevents dryness / Vitamin B group necessary for regulating fat content / Vitamin E and vitamin C that are said to be rejuvenating vitamins / Various minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium that support skin metabolism )
  • Spend your days feeling excited .

Easy dry care in autumn

Packs are a quick and easy way to take care of your skin. After all, just put it on your face, leave it on, and wash or peel it off! We hope you find the pack that's perfect for you.

[Recommended packs by skin type: Base type]

A pack that prepares the base of your skin. It increases the penetration of beauty serum and lotion after the pack.

creche qr BO pack

Creche QR Brilliant CO 2 pack

[Recommended packs by skin type: Moisturizing type]

A pack that increases the moisture and firmness of your skin with various beauty ingredients. When used in conjunction with base type packs, the penetration power of beauty ingredients increases.

Creche qr deep moist mask

Creche qr MJ-60

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