[Request for password reset] For customers using the old site


The official website (https://carore.jp/) has been renewed from November 2023.

Customers who registered as members on the old site can continue to use the same login ID (email address) even after the renewal.

However, as part of the security enhancements associated with the renewal, you will be required to set a new password (login password only) .
Please check the steps below and reset your password.

About the reconfiguration procedure

We will send you an email from our email address with the subject line ``[Important] Corolle | Request to reset your account password due to site renewal.''
*If you have not received the email, you can reset the settings by following the steps below.

Please click "Reset Password" below to activate your account.

Password Reset

① Enter the email address you registered on the old site and click the "Register" button.

Password Reset

② An email with the subject “Resetting your account password” will be sent to the email address you entered. Click the "Reset Password" button included in this email.

Password Reset

③ Enter your new password on the password reset screen and click the "Reset" button.

Password Reset

④ When you move to My Page, the password reset is complete.

My page