What is Carole?


Information site for finding your shining self


Carole is a coined word that combines the Italian words ``caro'' = ``dear and important person'' and ``splendore'' = ``sparkling.''
I want to continue creating “carore” = “women who shine like stars.”
At Carole, we help you become the woman of your dreams through home care products.

We support the ideal woman and ideal lifestyle based on the concept of the four pillars of "inside, outside, mind, and action."

Professional products at home

Since its founding, Carole has been developing skin care goods, cosmetics, supplements, beauty equipment, etc. that support women's beauty.

Developed for use by professional estheticians in beauty salons, this is a professional-grade product that focuses on ingredients, formulations, and usability that restore the skin's natural strength.

Therefore, we have created an online store for those who want to experience the same experience at our beauty salons at home, or for those who do not have a beauty salon nearby.

Series recommended for first-time users




For those who want to pay particular attention to moisturizing

Solide contains beauty ingredients such as ``Ceramide Complex,'' a major component of intercellular lipids that has moisture retention, moisture protection, and moisturizing effects, and ``Lipidure®,'' which has superior moisture retention power than hyaluronic acid. Awakens your skin's dormant original power even more strongly.

Features of the Solide series

Part 1 – Moisture retention and barrier function

Water, which is most of the components that make up the body, decreases as it gets closer to the surface of the skin, but the stratum corneum contains intercellular lipids such as ceramide and cholesterol, which tightly hold down moisture and prevent it from escaping. That's what I'm trying to do.
However, when the stratum corneum becomes dry, the surface corneocytes become like hangnails, making it very easy for water to escape. This is called a state in which the "barrier function" is degraded.
In addition to retaining moisture, the barrier function exists for the purpose of defending against foreign invaders, so when its function deteriorates, dryness progresses further, which not only causes various skin problems, but also makes the skin more sensitive. Solide focuses on the skin's barrier function. We have added ceramide complex, a major component of intercellular lipids, to beauty serums and other products. By maintaining a good balance of water and oil within the stratum corneum, it provides even more moisture.

Part 2 – Microcapsule design

Solide contains active ingredients to make your skin beautiful. However, it is very difficult to penetrate deep into the skin with just that.
Microcapsules have the role of allowing active ingredients to penetrate into the appropriate areas, maximizing the effectiveness of the ingredients. The main component of microcapsules is soybean phospholipid (lecithin), so you can use it with confidence.

Part 3 – Lipidure®, a moisturizing ingredient that does not come off even after washing

Even if you add moisturizing ingredients to your face wash or cleanser, the effectiveness will be halved once you wash it off. However, Lipidure® remains firmly on your skin even after washing your face, keeping your skin moisturized. Of course, we have added it not only to facial cleansers, but also to beauty serums and lotions.

Part 4 – Safe ingredient design

Fragrance-free, color-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free, and petroleum-based surfactant. Solide is an innovative basic cosmetic that focuses on the fundamentals of the skin.



assist solution

For those who want to give healing and grace to their skin

Assis Solution gently works on the skin of those of us who live under various stresses and deterioration of the natural environment to restore balance. Humans were born from the sea and evolved by receiving oxygen from plants. We focus on ingredients extracted from seaweed extracts and plants grown in the ocean, and aim to create beautiful skin that is vibrant and full of vitality while relaxing your skin.

Features of Assis Solution Series

Part 1 – Safety design

It is fragrance-free, pigment-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free, and surfactant-free, making it gentle and safe for the skin.

Part 2 – Microcapsule design

By creating microcapsules with lecithin extracted from soybeans, the ingredients are absorbed deep into the skin, making the skin beautiful and healthy.

Part 3 – Moisturizing design

All products contain vegetable collagen to increase moisturizing power. Vegetable collagen has the same amino acid composition as plant-based collagen, and contains a lot of serine, which plays an important role as a natural NMF moisturizing factor for the skin.

Part 4 – UV care design

All products contain Marine Noble to protect against UV rays. Marine Whitening Factor Marine Noble (a moisturizing ingredient derived from seaweed) was born from the ocean, the mother of life, and contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals obtained from fresh marine plants, and has about 4 times more vitamin C than lemon. It also contains tyrosinase (an enzyme that produces melanin) and moderates the production of melanin.



creche cure

For those who want to spend a little more time caring for their hair than usual

Crèche Cure has rescue items that help damaged skin that requires more careful care than usual. By protecting your skin from various environmental problems and having items that can be taken care of at all times, you can keep your skin looking its best. The brand name QR. (Cure) is a name that aims to not only provide protection but also an advanced active effect. Each skin is unique and will change depending on the season and environment. Therefore, it is important to choose the function according to the skin you want to have that day and get the level-up skin you like. The Crèche Cure series includes sheet masks that moisturize every corner of the stratum corneum, and packs that burst carbonated bubbles to create glowing skin.

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