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Make-up remover department

A wash-off type makeup remover that completely resets your skin.

Solide cleansing gel

<Cleansing gel> 165g

A water-soluble cleansing gel that gently absorbs makeup and dirt without stripping your skin of essential moisture. A gentle wash that leaves your skin moisturized.

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Face wash department

Easy-to-foam facial cleansing gel with a refreshing finish

Solide washing gel

<Facial cleansing gel> 100g

A facial cleansing gel with fine foam that wraps around dirt. It has a soft texture that is easy to lather.

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pack department

A full face mask that moisturizes every corner of the stratum corneum.

Creche qr deep moist mask

<Pack> 10 pieces

A serum sheet mask that provides plenty of moisture to dry skin. Each mask contains a generous 20mL of serum.

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A pack that uses the power of enzymes to break down proteins and remove dirt.

creche qr BO pack

<Pack> 5g x 22 packs

An enzyme pack that removes excess dead skin and unclogs pores. Two proteolytic enzymes, protease and papain, remove unnecessary dead skin cells.

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Beauty serum department

A moisturizing serum that gives your skin clarity

Solide Cary Ex

<Beauty serum> 50mL

A beauty serum that uses an iontophoresis device born from esthetics know-how to make it easier to feel the effects. It evens out the texture and leads to plump and bouncy skin.

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Next-generation stem cell serum that supports aging care

Resale Concentrate Essence

<Beauty serum> 30mL

Contains over 150 types of growth factors to promote cell activity. Leads to youthful and healthy skin.

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Lotion section

Lotion that moisturizes every corner of dry skin

Solide Toning Serum DR

<Lotion> 120mL

A lotion that deeply moisturizes every corner of your dry skin. Moisturizes dry skin with a smooth feel.

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Emulsion/cream department

Liquid cream that nourishes your skin

Solide balancing gel

<Emulsion> 50mL

A liquid cream suitable for all skin types. It spreads easily and has a non-sticky feel, leading to skin with a well-balanced moisture and oil content.

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A cream that gently protects and wraps your skin with a veil of water.

Crechessoie Moisture Cream AG

<Cream> 40g

A cream for skin that shows signs of aging. The rich, rich texture leads to skin that is full of high-quality moisture and firmness.

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