Winter moisturizing special feature


It's already December this year! This year has been an unprecedented situation due to the new coronavirus, but it is still the year-end and New Year holidays! You want to be excited.

Especially if you've been living indoors for a long time this year, you've forgotten how to be cute and shine... You don't want to go into hibernation like this! Why not spend this exciting season looking cute and shining?

For that reason, you will have smooth skin that is full of moisture. This time, we will tell you how to get rid of dry skin and wrinkled lips in winter .

Moisturizing feature
Wash your face carefully in winter!

In fact, washing your face is something you don't think about as much as you do in the summer. But in winter, your skin is surprisingly dirty. Due to the heating, sweat and sebum are surprisingly produced. Since it's winter, be sure to wash your face carefully . Also, when it gets cold, I tend to wash my clothes with hot water. If the temperature of the hot water is too high, the pores will not open, making it difficult to remove dirt from the pores, which can also lead to dry skin. Ideally, wash your face with lukewarm water (about 38 degrees to 40 degrees).

Of course, both 1 and 2 are moisturizing!

The biggest enemy of winter skin is dryness. In order to keep your skin moisturized, it is important to moisturize after taking a bath. This time we will introduce an effective moisturizing method.

Recommended moisturizing method

Replenish your skin with plenty of beauty and moisturizing ingredients using a serum tailored to your skin concerns. Apply the serum to your face, spread it evenly, and gently wrap your face with your palms to allow it to absorb.


Make the stratum corneum plump with lotion. Soak a water cotton pad in plenty of lotion and spread it over your entire face. After that, pat the face from the center to the outside and from the bottom to the top to increase the penetration of lotion, tighten pores, and make your face look smaller.


A lotion pack is recommended for dry skin. Saturate the face mask with lotion and leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes. For wrinkled lips, apply a lot of emulsion or cream and pack with a cotton pad soaked in lotion to make them plump and plump!

From 2020 to 2021.
Become a cute and shining you and enjoy an exciting Christmas and New Year.
Lastly, we would like to introduce some particularly recommended products this season!

List of recommended products
Solide cleansing gel

Solide cleansing gel

A water-soluble cleansing gel that gently absorbs makeup and dirt without stripping your skin of essential moisture. A gentle wash that leaves your skin moisturized.

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Solide washing gel

Solide washing gel

A facial cleansing gel with fine foam that wraps around dirt. It has a soft texture that is easy to lather.

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Solide Toning Serum DR

Solide Toning Serum DR

A lotion that moisturizes every corner of dry skin. Moisturizes dry skin with a smooth feel.

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Crechessoie Moisture Cream AG

Creche Soie Moisture Cream AG

A cream that gently protects your skin with a veil of water and wraps it around your skin. This cream for skin showing signs of aging contains the highest amount of Lipidure®, which is essential for moisturizing, in the Solide Creche series.

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Creche qr deep moist mask

creche qr
deep moist mask

A serum sheet mask that provides plenty of moisture to dry skin. Contains the three major nutrients that create plump skin: super hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, and elastin.

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