Aim for smooth and glowing skin in June!


The rainy season has already arrived this year. It's damp and stuffy outside. The room was dry and cold due to the air conditioning. On top of that, the amount of UV rays increases rapidly, making it a very harsh season for your skin. Learn about the rainy season circumstances surrounding your skin, keep your skin smooth and shiny, and overcome the annoying rainy season!

Differences between indoor and outdoor environments
Differences between indoor and outdoor environments

In June, the temperature and humidity suddenly rise, which causes an increase in sweat and sebum secretion. As a result, pores become clogged, the skin surface becomes sticky, and dirt tends to adhere to it . As a result, acne becomes more likely to occur, and problems such as dullness and shine of the skin increase. What's more, the temperature and humidity can affect your physical condition and mood, causing you to get tired easily, have pain, and feel unmotivated . Of course, this will have a negative effect on your skin.

In addition, due to the influence of air conditioners, there is a large temperature difference indoors with the outside air, and the air is dry, forcing a change in the environment that is quite harsh for your skin. As a result, the skin surface becomes shiny and sticky. The dead skin area becomes dry, rough, and becomes "inner dry." If you continue to take care of your oily skin without realizing that you have "inner dryness," it may become even more dry, and your skin's barrier function may deteriorate, causing itching and redness.

ultraviolet light
ultraviolet light

There will be more rain and cloudy days in June, but that doesn't mean that the amount of ultraviolet rays is decreasing. May to August is said to be the season with the highest amount of UV rays throughout the year . Even when there is no sunlight, UV rays are still damaging your skin. Even if it's raining or cloudy, please don't neglect UV protection.

Skin care tips for June: Remove dirt & moisturize thoroughly
1. Understand the difference in the properties of sebum and sweat before washing your face
  • Sebum, which is the cause of shine and stickiness, is oil-soluble dirt . Solide Cleansing Gel removes oil-soluble dirt. Contains fruit acids to eliminate unnecessary dead skin and sebum clogging in pores! What's more, it contains Lipidure®, which leaves the skin moisturized while leaving it moisturized and refreshed.
  • Sweat is a water-soluble dirt . Solide Washing Gel removes the residue of cleansing gel and water-soluble dirt such as sweat. Since it is based on natural soap, it produces a rich and sticky lather. Like the cleansing gel, it contains Lipidure® for a moisturizing cleansing effect.
Removes dirt & moisturizes thoroughly
2. Stay hydrated during the rainy season!

Add Creche Base Water & Creche QR Deep Moist Mask to your daily care to combat the "inner dryness" typical of summer!
Please use the time when you don't go out much during the rainy season to improve yourself and aim for smooth and glowing skin.

creche base water

creche base water

A low-molecular base water that can be used for base treatments on a variety of areas, from skin care to hair and body. With its amazing penetrating power, it can be used not only on your skin but also on your hair, leaving it moist and smooth.

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Creche qr deep moist mask

creche qr
deep moist mask

A serum sheet mask that provides plenty of moisture to dry skin. Contains the three major nutrients that create plump skin: super hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, and elastin.

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