In early summer, you can achieve bright white skin that goes beyond whitening.


The dazzling season of fresh greenery has arrived.
In May, when people get used to the new lifestyle and start enjoying going out, there will likely be more opportunities to spend time outside.
I'm feeling so excited! However, please be careful not to get sunburned by strong UV rays.
Why not learn about ultraviolet rays and aim for ``radiant white skin'' that goes beyond ``whitening'' this summer?

Let's learn about ultraviolet rays
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Ultraviolet rays are a type of sunlight and are classified into three types: A waves, B waves, and C waves.
Waves A and B directly affect us. C waves are absorbed by the ozone layer and do not reach the ground.

UV rays begin to increase from around March and reach their peak from June to August.
Even if you are not exposed to direct sunlight, you should be careful when driving a car, from indoor windows, or from asphalt roads. Also, not only on sunny days, but also on cloudy and rainy days, UV rays are not zero, so don't let your guard down.

Effects of UV rays on the skin

UVA waves have a weak effect on the skin, but they slowly accumulate damage. It may cause wrinkles and sagging.

UVB waves have a strong effect on the skin and can cause sunburn and age spots in a short period of time. It also damages skin cells and causes skin aging.

UVA wave/UVB wave explanation image
Daily UV protection

If you can't avoid UV rays, you have no choice but to prevent them.
It is necessary to take measures to protect yourself from UV rays as much as possible, such as using a parasol, hat, UV-blocking jacket, gloves, and going out in the shade.
And sunscreen is essential.
There are various types of sunscreen products such as cream type, milk type, gel type, and spray, but all products are labeled with ``SPF'' and ``PA'' as a guide to sunscreen effectiveness.

What is “SPF”?

This is a guideline for preventing UVB rays.
SPF1 is a guideline that protects your skin from getting red and burnt for about 20 minutes when exposed to ultraviolet rays. It is best to choose the SPF value depending on the purpose of use.

SPF25...20 minutes x 25 = 500 minutes (about 8 hours)
SPF50...20 minutes x 50 = 1000 minutes (approx. 16 hours)

What is “PA”?

This is a guideline for preventing UVA rays. The more + there is, the higher the effect will be.

PA++……very effective
PA+++……very effective
PA++++……Extremely effective

For everyday life, SPF15-25 and PA++ are sufficient to achieve the desired effect. If you are going to be outside for a long time or go to the beach, it is better to choose a product with a high SPF value and PA value, or to reapply frequently.

Enjoy a refreshing early summer with ``radiant white skin'' that protects your skin from UV rays and shines!

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