Skin care for July: How to protect your skin from heat and humidity


In addition to the second half of the rainy season, July has arrived and the summer heat is increasing. This time of year is hot and humid, making skin problems more likely. So, this time we will tell you about skin care that protects your skin from heat and humidity. Keep your skin healthy and beautiful with proper care.

Skin situation in July

Continuing from June, the temperature and humidity are high, which increases the amount of sweat and sebum secretion, making the skin surface sticky and clogged pores . What's more , moisture from breathing accumulates inside the mask, creating an environment where bacteria can easily breed, increasing the risk of acne . Also, many people may experience dry skin due to the effects of air conditioning and UV rays. July is full of great enemies for beautiful skin.

Skin situation in July
Skin care tips for July
1. Cleanse and wash your face with or without makeup!

In July, when it's hot and humid, dirt that contains oil (sebum, makeup, etc.) and dirt that contains water (sweat) mix together. The important thing is to remove each stain properly .

Solide Cleansing Gel was developed not only to remove makeup but also to remove oily dirt such as sebum. In other words, cleansing is necessary whether you are wearing makeup or not .

Cleansing in the morning is surprisingly overlooked. Even while you sleep, sebum and sweat are secreted nonstop. Cleansing your face in the morning can make a difference in how your makeup stays on and how it comes off . Also, by washing away the sebum around your nose and mouth, you can reduce the risk of acne even if you are wearing a mask.

After cleansing, make sure to lather your face with Solide Washing Gel and gently massage your face. Furthermore, after washing your face, wipe it thoroughly to keep your skin clean.

Skin care tips for July
2. Keep your skin moisturized even in high humidity!

This season, we tend to mistakenly think that our skin is hydrated because the humidity makes our skin feel stuffy. In fact, the inside of your skin is quite dry due to the effects of air conditioning and UV rays . Replenish your skin with a good balance of water and oil even when the humidity is high. Use lotions, emulsions, and moisturizing creams to moisturize your skin and strengthen its barrier function.

Solide Toning Serum DR (lotion), which is rich in moisturizing ingredients including Lipidure®, and Solide Balancing Gel (emulsion) have a light texture that leaves your skin smooth and moisturized. Toning serum allows the moisturizing ingredients to penetrate deep into the stratum corneum by applying it to a cotton pad and gently patting it. In addition, the pleasant stimulation of patting can promote blood circulation, tighten pores, and make your face look smaller. Take an appropriate amount of Balancing Gel, spread it gently over your skin, and wrap your face with your palms to allow it to absorb. It can stabilize the stratum corneum and improve its barrier function .

Keep your skin moisturized even in high humidity!

Thank you for reading until the end.
Did you find July's skin care points helpful? It is most important to thoroughly wash and moisturize your face every day. Of course, don't forget to take precautions against UV rays!

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