3 points to protect your skin from spring air pollution


It's the season when fresh greenery shines brightly. The weather will be refreshing and there will be more opportunities to go out. The theme for May is three points to protect your skin from air pollution .

What you always see in the weather forecast every morning is information on things like ultraviolet rays, pollen, and PM2.5. I think people who suffer from allergies or hay fever are sensitive to information, but for others, it may just be part of the weather forecast. It is surprisingly little known that air pollution is closely related to skin spots, wrinkles, and acne . People who tend to lose their skin condition in early spring should be especially careful.

In particular, the size of PM2.5 is said to be less than 1/20 of a pore. It is said that it penetrates not only the surface of the skin but also the pores and dissolves in sebum and sweat, causing acne. It is also said that PM2.5 and pollen that adhere to the skin surface increase active oxygen in the skin, leading to problems such as age spots, acne, and wrinkles. In spring, it is necessary to take measures against ultraviolet rays and air pollution .

Three points to protect your precious skin from air pollution
Three points to protect your precious skin from air pollution
1. Properly remove pollutants from your skin

It is said that 80% of skin care is determined by proper face washing. Even if you scrub blindly, the dirt will not come off. For complex pollutant stains, we recommend double face washing with cleansing and washing.

Cleansing has the role of removing oil-soluble dirt. Your face is covered with oily dirt such as sebum and atmospheric exhaust gas. Cleansing removes oil-soluble dirt that cannot be removed by washing your face alone . Cleansing is a must whether you are wearing makeup or not!

After cleansing, gently wash your face with plenty of lather . Solide Cleansing Gel and Solide Washing Gel contain Lipidure®, which removes dirt while keeping skin moisturized. It gently cleanses your skin.

2. Protect your skin from pollutants

Base makeup (foundation, etc.) is now a skin care area! Base makeup is like a protector that protects your skin from pollution and UV rays . Even if you are wearing a mask, microscopic dirt and UV rays can penetrate through the gaps in the mask. Don't think it's a chore, protect your skin with daily base makeup as part of your skin care routine.

3. Increase antioxidant power with vitamin C!

Vitamin C is said to be a rejuvenating vitamin and has particularly excellent antioxidant power . It is also important to add a serum containing vitamin C to your regular skin care routine, or take it into your body through supplements or food.

Thoroughly remove pollutants from the skin

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Was this month's column helpful? Enjoy the fresh greenery of spring to the fullest with your skin resistant to air pollution!

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