3 tips for moisturized and glowing skin


It's March and the warm spring sunshine makes me feel excited.

It seems that the mask lifestyle will gradually be eased. It looks like we'll finally be showing our faces more and more, so in March, we'll be sharing three tips for glowing, glowing skin so you don't have to think, "Wait a minute, I can't show you my skin!"

If you know this, you will understand the meaning of daily skin care, and you will be able to achieve smooth and glowing skin faster!

1. Maintain your skin's "power to become beautiful"
Keeping the skin's "power to become beautiful"

It's common for small scratches and cuts to heal even if you leave them alone. Your skin inherently has the ability to repair and regenerate wounds and problems on its own .

But why doesn't the skin on my face return to what it was when I was younger? Why do problems such as age spots and wrinkles increase with age? Have you ever wondered? It is said that the skin on your face is directly affected by your daily lifestyle habits .

Causes of skin aging
  • aging
  • wrong skin care
  • disordered eating habits
  • Lack of sleep, poor sleep quality
  • Stress at work or private life

It is thought that this causes the aging of the skin to progress, reducing the skin's ability to repair and regenerate, leading to an aging appearance .

Changing your lifestyle habits is often difficult, and it takes time to see results. Let's move closer to a healthy lifestyle, even if it's just a little at a time.

Also, daily skin care is essential to enhance the natural strength of your skin. If done correctly and with the right tools, you can notice changes in your skin in a short period of time. Especially when it comes to visible light care with Corolle Sunlight , most people feel that their problems are improved after 10 minutes of exposure. Learn lifestyle habits and skin care methods that will keep your skin's ``power to become beautiful'' for a long time.

2. The important thing is not to polish the outside (the dead skin area), but to focus on cell care.
The important thing is not to polish the outside (the dead skin area) but to focus on cell care.

Skin turnover plays a major role in skin repair and regeneration. When this turnover works properly, your skin will remain beautiful. The decisive factor in turnover is "basal cells." As we age, basal cells age and turnover slows down, resulting in an inability to repair skin problems and an increase in skin problems. That is why what is important is cell care (care of basal cells, etc.) rather than care of the stratum corneum.

3. Enhances barrier function to protect skin from irritation
Enhances barrier function to protect skin from irritation

Another thing to remember is to improve your barrier function.

Especially in spring, there are a lot of irritants floating in the air, such as pollen, dust, harmful chemicals, and yellow dust. In addition, UV rays are becoming stronger all at once, and our surroundings are full of irritation.

The stratum corneum plays a role in preventing the entry of these irritating substances .
The stratum corneum is the result of turnover, and when turnover occurs normally, the stratum corneum is stable and the skin has a high barrier function, making it less susceptible to irritation, which leads to continued beauty. On the other hand, when turnover is slow, the stratum corneum becomes unstable and susceptible to irritation, which can lead to skin problems.

Due to the dryness of winter, the stratum corneum in spring tends to lack moisturizing ingredients and become unstable. In order to enhance the barrier function that protects the skin from irritation, it is important to promote turnover and moisturize the stratum corneum .

Did you understand the above three points?

About daily self-care
About daily self-care

From here, we will tell you about specific daily care!

  1. Remove Dirt Properly As I mentioned earlier, in spring, the complex dirt lurking in the air can be a source of irritation. In addition, as the temperature rises, the amount of sebum and sweat increases, making it easier for dirt to adhere to your skin and clog your pores. Start by carefully removing complex and stubborn stains with cleansing and washing .
  2. Enhance your skin's barrier function and protect your skin After properly removing dirt, use lotion or emulsion to condition the stratum corneum and improve your skin's barrier function. Also, by conditioning the stratum corneum, it leads to moisturized and glossy skin.
  3. Key points about sleep and eating habits
    Sleep and diet are essential for health and beauty . I would like to relax my body by taking a bath and at least take a break by 11pm. When you wake up in the morning, bathe in the morning sun . Reset your body clock and switch to activity mode. When it comes to meals , it's important to think about balance and eat what your body will enjoy rather than what you want to eat . In particular, you want to avoid sugar and low-quality oily foods. Also, in spring, there will be an increase in foods with a lot of lye, such as wild vegetables, so if you are concerned about acne, please limit your intake.

Thank you for reading until the end.
We hope you will find this useful as a guide to achieving dewy, glowing skin in spring. Be prepared to wear a mask at any time!

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