November is the start of preparing for winter skin!


November has arrived again this year. At this time of year, when the leaves on the trees change color and we feel the depth of autumn, our skin is also sensing the change of seasons. Autumn is a season where you can enjoy beautiful scenery, but your skin can become dry. So this month, let's talk about fall skin care.

The reason for dry skin in autumn is changes in the outside air.
1. Low humidity

In autumn, the humidity is low and the environment tends to be dry . Therefore, water tends to evaporate and it becomes difficult to keep the skin moisturized.

2. Cold wind

When cold wind hits your skin, it can strip the moisture from the surface of your skin . This makes your skin more prone to dryness.

3. Indoor heating

The more indoor heating is used, the more the air becomes even drier. As a result, the moisture in your skin is taken away and your skin becomes dry .

cold wind
3 skin care tips for dry skin
1. Moisturizing is the key

To prevent your skin from drying out, moisturizing is the first thing you need to do . Keep your skin well-hydrated by using lotions and creams that are rich in moisturizing ingredients.

2. Added additional moisturizing ingredients

As a countermeasure for dry skin, using serums and face masks that contain plenty of moisturizing ingredients will increase the moisture content of your skin and support its barrier function.

3. Hurry up with skin care after washing your face

The key to preventing dryness is to moisturize your face with lotion or emulsion immediately after washing your face. Early care is important to prevent moisture from escaping your skin .

Other dry skin measures
1. Stay hydrated

During the dry autumn season, the body tends to lack water. Adequate hydration is essential, as the skin also needs hydration from within the body . Drinking plenty of water or tea on a daily basis can help keep your skin moisturized from within.

2. Be conscious of a well-balanced diet

The health of your skin is greatly influenced by the nutrition you receive from your diet. In particular, we recommend actively incorporating foods that are rich in nutrients that are said to be good for the skin, such as vitamins C and E, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc. Examples include salmon, avocados, nuts, and green vegetables.

3. Get proper sleep

Your skin regenerates during the night, so a good night's sleep is critical to keeping your skin healthy . Especially in the dry autumn, the skin's barrier function tends to deteriorate, so lack of sleep is something you want to avoid. Support skin regeneration by consciously getting 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep every day.

Dry skin measures

Small changes and habits in your life can make a big difference in the long run. Please be aware of skin care in your daily life in preparation for the autumn dryness.

Autumn skin care affects the condition of your winter skin. With proper care, you can maintain soft, dry skin even in winter. On the other hand, if you neglect to take care of your skin in the fall, you may experience more skin problems due to the severe dryness of the winter. While enjoying the beautiful scenery of autumn, don't forget to take care of your skin at the same time. Start preparing your skin for winter as soon as possible.

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