Friend introduction campaign

Friend introduction campaign

At Carole, we are running a friend introduction campaign. If you introduce Calore to a friend who has not yet joined Calore , you will receive 1,000 points for both you and the person you refer!

*Limited to those who purchase Corolle skin care items.
*New customers who have never been a Calore member are eligible for introduction.

Flow of campaign participation

The introduction method is easy! After the friend you introduced registers as a new member, simply write the existing member's full name in the notes section of the purchase screen and they will receive 1,000 points that can be used from their next purchase.

1. New member registration

① Click the person icon at the top right of the site.

person icon

② Click "If you do not have an account, please register as a new member."

New member registration

③ Enter your name/email address/password/date of birth and click the "Register" button.


④ An email with the subject “Customer Account Activation” will be sent to the email address you entered. Click the "Activate Account" button included in this email to complete your membership registration.

*If you do not receive an email to the email address you entered, the email address may be incorrect or may be in your spam folder. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check.

Activate your account
2. Enter the introducer's name on the cart screen

⑤ After enjoying shopping at Carole, click the cart icon at the top right of the site.

cart icon

Enter the introducer's full name in the notes field and click the "Proceed to payment" button.

*Limited to Corolle skin care items.

Proceed to payment

⑦ Enter the required information on the payment screen and click the "Pay Now" button to complete your order. Once we receive confirmation of your order, we will award 1,000 points to both the introducer and the new member .

pay now
Q. Can I introduce this campaign to people who are already Calore members or Calole store members?

A. The referral campaign is only available to people who are not Calore members. Existing Calore members or Calore store members are not eligible. Even if you refer an existing member, you will not receive campaign bonus points. Please note.

Q. When can I use the 1,000 points as a referral benefit?

A. The 1,000 points of referral benefits can be used from the second order.

Q. I forgot to write the name of the friend who introduced me in the notes section. Can I receive bonus points?

A. If you do not enter the name of the introducer in the notes section, the 1,000 points will not be awarded.

Q. I have not written the full name of the friend who introduced me. Can I receive reward points?

A. Please enter the referrer's full name accurately. If membership registration cannot be confirmed with the introducer's name, points may not be awarded.